Wowlly Sponsored Player: Lam Ying Suet (Rachel)

Wowlly Sponsored Player: Lam Ying Suet (Rachel)

Lam Ying Suet (Rachel)

Rachel embarked on her pickleball journey in December 2018, but it was interrupted by the Covid pandemic in 2019. Following the pandemic, she resumed her passion for the sport.

Emerging as a rising star in Hong Kong's sports scene, Rachel claimed victory in the Women's Singles 19+ category at both the 2023 Pickleball Global World Pickleball Championships Series and the 2024 World Pickleball Championships Series: Asia Pacific. Renowned for her dynamic playstyle and formidable shots, Rachel's relentless drive for improvement and competitive spirit have propelled her into the top ten rankings for singles pickleball.

Rachel expresses her excitement at being a part of Team WOWLLY and acknowledges experiencing unprecedented success recently.

Rachel shares, "Since becoming a member of Team WOWLLY, my performance has reached new heights. The company boasts a fantastic team that has consistently supported me, bolstering my confidence in my abilities. With Wowlly's paddles, I've found the ideal blend of power and control, enabling me to unleash my full potential on the court. Armed with a Wowlly paddle, I approach every match with confidence, ready to take on any opponent."


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